Analyzing Twitter Conversations from the 2017 Women’s March in R

On January 21, 2017, following the inauguration of President Trump, upwards of three million Americans participated in the Women’s March in hopes of sending a “bold message” to the new administration and to the world that “women’s rights are human rights”¹. Sparked by Teresa Shook’s Facebook post calling for a “pro-women march” after the results of the 2016 Election were announced², the March quickly grew into an event more massive than Shook herself could comprehend. As the largest single-day protest in American history to date³, the March drew the attention of news outlets such as The New York Times⁴ and…

Exploring NBC’s The Good Place with Text Analysis Methods in R

This past summer, I spent my time in between summer classes and extracurriculars re-watching NBC’s The Good Place from start to finish and learning to use R for data and text analysis with the help of R for Data Science and Text Mining with R. I wanted to combine these two activities, so I transcribed the show with reference to Netflix subtitles, then applied the techniques I learned to explore the resulting data. While I know that “pobody’s nerfect”, but in the spirit of the show, I decided to try. …

Dara Tan

UCLA Statistics + Digital Humanities

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